How To Make Money On YouTube

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

Make Money On YouTube

There is more than one way to make money on YouTube. Not only can you make money from traditional Google AdSense, YouTube is working to find new ways to add to creators income (and theirs). Even more lucrative, you can look off the YouTube platform to find additional revenue streams. If you do it right, you can make life-changing money on YouTube. 

I don’t want to suggest making money on YouTube is easy. First, you need to build an audience. YouTube will only allow you to apply for the partner program to monetize your channel when you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time over the pervious twelve months. 

Watch time is the golden metric on YouTube. Watch time is the total amount of time in which people have watched your video or channel. The bottom line in YouTube land, the more watch time the better. This is also a good clue for growing your channel. 

If you want to grow your channel, here is a helpful article. Some YouTubers find it easier to reach 1000 subscribers than 4000 hours of watch time. While other channels get a lot of views and watch time, but take a little longer to earn subscribers. 

Enable monetization under your channel tab.

How do you know when you are ready for monetization? Well, it will be obvious when you hit 1000 subscribers. You can also keep track of your progress in your YouTube analytics. However, I prefer to use a simple browser plugin tool provided by VidIQ, which will count your views each day, week etc., it keeps your subscriber count front and center and in gold (see below) you will track how many watch hours you have for your channel over the previous year. Once you have enough, you can ask to be part of the YouTube partner program.

How much do you make using AdSense? The good news is you get the larger piece of the ad revenue cut. YouTube splits the adverting fees earn from ads displayed on your channel 55/45. You get 55% and YouTube receives 45%. 

Still, it doesn’t really turn in to real money until you earn real views. Lots of views. How much depends on your niche. Different types of videos earn different amounts of money depending on advertising supply and demand. 

Your channel may have seasons. For example, a gardening channel may earn most of its traffic and revenue during the summer. Yet, prime time for most channels is fall and into the holiday season when ad rates are at their highest. Most channels expect a big revenue drop off after the new year. 

How much money do you make per view on YouTube?

Our observation is a YouTuber will average $2000 per one million video views. Some make less, such as $1000 per million views. Other channels can make $3500 per million or more. You can break those numbers down further to $200 per hundred thousand or $20 per ten thousand views. 

If you earned 100 views on your latest video, congratulations, you made 2 cents. This is why YouTubers who do it right make many times more with other monetization methods. AdSense is a nice bonus, but there is more to be made in the world of YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing On YouTube

It’s important to remember that YouTube wants to keep people on YouTube. However, if you have a lot of traffic related to a specific topic, product or service you can make good money from affiliate marketing. 

The most common and well-known affiliate program is Amazon. If you review, mention or encourage people to purchase something they can buy on Amazon, you can place a link in the description. If people follow the link and purchase the recommended item and/or other products, Amazon will give you a commission. 

For example, if you recommend a $20 book for people to read you could make .80 cents. That is if one of the 100 people who watched your video purchased it. 80 cents is a lot more than 2 cents. Now start multiplying back up to a million views. 

There are many products which sell for more than $20 on Amazon. Plus, if you sell a lot of stuff, Amazon can increase your commission rate. 

Amazon is not the only game in town. Many major retailers have their own affiliate opportunities.  If your channel is about fashion, look up the brands which you like and recommend. It works much better if you recommend items that you can stand by. Remember, your reputation is much harder to repair than making a few extra dollars. 

If you find the concept of affiliate marketing interesting and appropriate for your channel, start off with Amazon and then check out other services such as Commission Junction or even your favorite brands.

You need to be careful. As mentioned at the beginning of this secton, YouTube wants people to stay on YouTube. Although many YouTubers have affiliates, YouTube will penalize you if they feel your links are spammy. It’s a delicate balance. Amazon links seem to be the safest. 

So, if you drive a lot of people off YouTube to another Website, there is no good reason for YouTube to promote your videos. This can hurt growth. You may want to wait until you have a larger amount of traffic or even a few thousand subscribers before you start placing affiliate links in your YouTube description. 

Super Chat Money

Super chat is a feature available for partner program monetized YouTube channels who live stream. Viewers can highlight their livestream comment in the chat by paying or donating to the creator during the live stream. 

Viewers will super chat 1, 5, 20, 50 dollars or more, as well as, amounts in currencies from other parts of the world. No worries, YouTube will convert to your native currency. If you have a strong live stream audience, Super chat can become a good money maker. 

Join The Community

Another way to support your favorite creator or have your fans can support you is to click on the blue join button next to the subscribe button. This option is not available to all partner creators at the moment. 

When people join your community they, pay $4.95 per month for community perks such as special community icons next to their name. This option is evolving and offers new opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite YouTubers. 

Below is an example of the YouTuber PewDiePie’s offerings, which you will see after you click the blue join button. 

It’s About The Merch

For years YouTubers have sold merchandise (merch) on their channel with their famous sayings, logo’s and designs. You can still do this through one of the many online companies which can help you deliver the merch to your rabbid fan base. 

YouTube has now partnered with Some creators can display a merch shelf under their videos. Fans and average visitors alike can purchase branded merchandise right from the YouTube channel page. 

Get Sponsored On YouTube

If you have success on your channel you may be a valuable influencer for one or multiple industries. Brands may want to buy your attention and influence within your community.

Endorsements in various forms have been around a long time. Musicians, sports stars, and entertainers have promoted branded products for years. This same opportunity has come to the social media influencer and your YouTube channel. 

Product endorsement can be presented in a variety of ways. For example, you can shout out a product during a video, share this video is sponsored by or create a dedicated video about the product in the form of a demonstration or review. 

Get Hired!

YouTube is an excellent platform to show off your talents. All it takes is the right person to see your video. If they are impress they may ask you to preform, speak or create. 

Photographers, film or video makers who develop a YouTube channel to show their craft can get hired by brands or agencies to create for them. Freelance designers, musicians, artists, and comics may find their next gig via YouTube.

Show Me The Money

You can make money with 10 subscribers or a million+. The general rule is the more views and engagement you have on your channel, the greater your chance of success. However, the only thing limiting income opportunities is your creativity. 

You have many opportunities to make money on YouTube, however, you need to be honest with your audience and YouTube. Don’t hide the fact you have sponsors or use affiliates. It’s actually a good idea to mention it in your about page. Transparency is they key to staying out of hot water. 

AdSense and the YouTube partner program is an excellent opportunity. However, it’s just the starting point for you to earn an income from your hard work creating YouTube videos. 

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