What Does Tolis Dokianos Know About Video And YouTube? (A Lot)

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2020)

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Tolis Dokianos is a YouTube and Video Marketing Expert. He’s a citizen of the world and speaks 7 languages.  He’s based in Zurich Switzerland, and is the founder of APEX Video Marketing.  

He’s managed multi-million dollar marketing and advertising campaigns, and has 10+ years’ experience in automotive.  He’s worked at Ford Motor Company, and has run YouTube ad campaigns for Audi and VW in Switzerland.

He’s an accomplished public speaker and trainer, has been invited to MasterChef and voted best chef by his wife!

About The Tube Labs Podcast

This YouTube podcast is about operating and growing a YouTube channel. YouTube is not easy. Anyone taking on the challenge to grow a YouTube channel needs support, insight and the latest information.

I’m Rosh Sillars, the host. I’ve uploaded over 1000 videos during my over 10 years on YouTube. I support other channels and businesses to grow their channels. I experiment, watched and learn what works and what does not work on YouTube. Here, I share my successes and failures with you.

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