How To Write A YouTube Script

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Your YouTube Script

How do you approach the creation of your YouTube videos? Do you wing it? or do you have a well written and planned script? Obviously, it depends on the type of videos you create. However, there is more than one way to create videos. 

Some videos just happen. They are spontaneous; think Americas home videos. Yet, if you are sharing a story, educating or sharing your opinion, a scripts is not a bad ideas. However, it doesn’t have to be a word for word script. 

Take time to plan your videos. Brainstorm and work out your ideas while talking with friends, co-workers or in a journal. The more research you do time you take to prepare shows in your videos. 

This article offers some helpful tips to help you develop the best script work flow for you. It’s not a bad idea to test different scripts styles before you settle on one to create your YouTube videos. 

Quick Tips To Get You Going

It can be tough to create an engaging video. You need to capture attention in the first second. Then you need to keep their attention. The following are some ideas and questions which can help you focus your video and create better scripts.

  • Understand what your video is about before filming. Plan the theme and keywords help keep focus.
  • What is your hook at the beginning of the video? How are you going to get their attention?
  • What should the viewer get out of your video?
  • Who is this video for? Think of the persona of the person who will most enjoy the video most. 
  • Consider the story. What is the beginning middle and end of your story? Another way to consider the process is in acts like a play.
    • Act 1: Setup
    • Act 2: Conflict
    • Act 3: Resolution
  • What is the location of the video?
  • What visuals might you use in your video? Do you have photos or b-roll?
  • What is the pace of the video? Is it fast pace or is it slow and casual?
  • What is your call to action? 

How you approach a script depends on you. Some people like to use a fully written scripts. Unfortunately, if you are not a natural actor or presenter who can memorize a script, your video might come off stiff. It’s always awkward when it’s obviously doing a poor job in a video reading a script.

I prefer to write an outline and in some cases a storyboard to organize the video. It seems like without a word for word script, the video seems more natural. The key is to give yourself stepping off points. If you have phrases, keywords or even photo to remind you of the story you’re about tell, it keeps you both focused and in a natural flow.

Make A Great YouTube Video Script

Front Load Your Message

It doesn’t matter how long your video, it’s important to put the meat of the topic in the front part of your YouTube video. Most people will not finish your video, so consider placing a call to action within the first 30 seconds. 

You can keep your first call to action short and tease with more information later in the video. However, if you depend on people making all the way through, you might be disappointed in result

Talk To Your Audience

Unless your video is a skit, it’s important to speak directly to your audience. Use words such as you and your.  If your community has a name, such as, Team Jones, Be sure to include a little community building acknowledgment in your video. Have a conversation with your audience. 

Although you may be teaching something to your viewers, don’t act superior or talk down to your audience. Campion them, be their cheerleader and think of the relationship as building friend ships.

It’s About Story

Most videos are dry. Trust me, I’ve created many of them. The fact is most people don’t like to be talked at. Statistics may be interesting to you, however, few people really care.

The best way to keep people engaged with your YouTube video is to tell a story. This include sharing statistics. Don’t tell them something happens 64.3% of the time.  Demonstrate the results and reasons why they should care with a story. 

People remember stories. I’m amazed how people remember stories I told a year ago, yet, a basic fact from a few days ago is soon forgotten. 

Create A Narrative Arc

Build a narrative or story arc in your script which builds interest through a story format. Humans have a need to know what is going to happen next. This is why we binge on Netflix. Build this approach into your videos. YouTube rewards channels in which people keep watching from one video to the next.

Start your video with an emotional hook. A high point from the video or amazing fact which will keep them watching to know more. Their needs to be a gap which is unfulfilled until they watch your video.

Keep your YouTube videos focused. Stick with one theme or story. Tell the story and end with a big payoff. 


Humor wins the day. If done well. If you don’t have the timing or if your humor doesn’t match up with the topic or audience, humor can backfire. Don’t force humor. If it come naturally, let it flower. Also, don’t be affrad to show or share funny stories. It can help develop a connection with your audience.

Keep The Pace

The average person speaks about 135 words per minute. If you speak to slow and thoughfully, you can lose people from bordom quickly.

There are those who talk quickly. Some argue that speaking fast keeps the attention of the view. This is debatable, fast speech can overwhelm your views. However, it’s important to test. Take a look at your YouTube retention graphs to see if and when you are losing your audience.

It’s helpful to work with an outline or script. You don’t want to confuse your audience with too much information. Select a single story and use every aspect of the video visuals to reinforce it through images, animation, and b-roll.

A script, even a basic one is an important part of YouTube success. If you want to grow your YouTube channel, it’s important to think about story and a script can help keep you organized. 

Once your script is done, the best advice is to read it aloud, edit and repeat. Keep reading and editing until the script is strong and engaging as possible. Often your script is shorter and more focused after a few rounds of editing. Once you feel you can’t edit anymore, your script is ready for, action!

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