Small YouTuber Problems

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2018)

Small YouTubers

Small YouTuber Problems

Are you small YouTuber? Most YouTubers are small YouTubers. This is because, it’s not easy to grow a YouTube channel. Believe it or not, there are large YouTuber problems too. However, for you, your focus is most likely growing your channel and developing a community. Lets fix it. 

What is a small YouTuber? If you think about it, some starting out envy’s anyone over 100 subscribers. Video creators with hundreds of subscribers think people with thousands have it made. Channels with thousands wonder why they can’t get to a silver play button and those with Silver are striving for gold. 

The point is, the striving never ends, if you allow it. You have no idea the ultimate fate of your channel. Most big YouTubers have had their channels for years. Some channels grow to 100 in a year while others hit a million. 

YouTube Goals

There is nothing wrong with having big goals. However, your first two goals should be to hit 100 subscribers and then a thousand subscribers. Once, you hit a 1000, I believe the pressure is off. Let the title of a micro YouTuber go. Focus on growing your channel at the pace your videos and audience takes you. 

How long until you hit 1000? Well, in rare cases, YouTubers with new ideas, personality or just a lucky hit can make it within a month. However, it is better to set a target for a year. Based on my experience, a large percentage of YouTubers hit the 1000 mark between year one and two. 

Yet, honestly, I see most new YouTubers quit before they gain traction. This is most likely the number one YouTube issue. A lack of patience. YouTube is a long term game. 

Your First Video

Chance are your first video will suck. Everyones does. That’s fine, because if you have uploaded a video to YouTube you are well ahead of the many would be YouTubers that never started. 

YouTube is a learning process. There are many small YouTuber problems you will face along the way. The first are finding your niche, style, voice and target community. This process is always evolving and there is nothing wrong with pivoting your channel along the way. 

Over time you will learn how to create better videos which keep your audiences attention. You will lean how to research and discover better topics for your videos. Over time, your titles and the all important thumbnails will improve as you learn new skills. 

After a year of regularly uploading one or seven videos a week, you will be able to look back over your year and see the great progress you have made. Trust me, it takes time and you have skills to learn. A big YouTuber problem is betting yourself up for not having all the skills in the beginning of your YouTube journey. Don’t fall in to that trap. 

YouTube Analytics

If you want to grow your channel, it’s important to not fear the YouTube Studio analytics dashboard. It can be intimidating. Check out the YouTube Analytics Article

Don’t be over whelmed. Start off with a view metrics to study and learn more as you have questions you want answer to. I recommend you start with understanding your Impressions click-through-rate and your retention graph. 

Over time you can compare different traffics sources and audiences to see which are more valuable to your channel. This information will help you make better videos for your best audience. 

It only takes One

You never know when it will come. You may earn a viral hit, however, you can’t have one if you don’t make videos. You may think certain videos are worthy of being a success. Unfortunately, it’s not your call. It’s your audience and the YouTube community which decide on the videos that become viral. 

It only takes one subscriber with influence to share your work with the right people to make your channel a success. Sometimes it’s helpful to develop relationships with the right people. However, I highly encourage you to keep it real and don’t be a pest. 

One sponsor can make a big difference in the income you receive. If you channel fits with a sponsors goals you can start earning income at most any level, especially if you have a highly engaged community. 

It only takes one to get your channel moving. The more active you are the more likely you are to earn a break. However, you never know when that will be, so keep at it. 


I list equipment last because it’s the last reason to stop you from creating videos. It’s a YouTuber problem, which usually isn’t. If you have an internet connection and a video camera, even on your phone – You can be a YouTuber. 

Many successful YouTuber start with their smartphone, its camera and applications. If you don’t have one, borrow friends smartphone for an hour. 

You can upgrade over time. Yet, how do you know what equipment to upgrade to for your style of video until you create videos. Once you create new videos, you may find that improved audio may be helpful. Your videos may benefit from better light or a tripod. There is always another piece of equipment you can upgrade or buy. However, your equipment is never a reason why you can’t make YouTube vidoes. 

Don’t Give Up

As I mentioned most budding YouTubers don’t start and many who start, quit. The fact is, people quit because their channel grows too slow for their taste. As I mentioned before give yourself 1-2 years to learn and reach 1 thousand subscribers. If you make it faster – Awesome. From there just enjoy the longterm ride.

The problem for most small YouTubers is they compare themselves to other YouTubers. The fact is you have no idea why once YouTuber is growing faster than another. Maybe its not their first channel, they have a supportive community on other social media or have a massive email list. There are many reasons – so don’t compare. 

Your only competition is YOU. Compete against your last video. Focus on improving your video click through rate and increase your retention rate for your videos. If you can improve those two metrics alone, you can gain on people who are making similar videos. 

The most important thing you can do is to be persistent. Recognize that your channel will have its season of ups and downs. You will get frustrated , have moments you feel you can do no wrong and feel burned out.  The fact is, all the successful YouTubers have one thing in common. They never quit. 

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