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(Last Updated On: April 20, 2020)
YouTube Teachers and Educators
YouTube Eductors

Don’t go it alone. It’s not easy to grow a YouTube channel. There are YouTubers who dedicate their channels or regularly upload videos which support the budding YouTuber.  Below is a list of YouTube educators you should watch to help understand how to start, grow and improve your YouTube channel.

YouTube Educators List

Brian G Johnson: Learn how to AMPLIFY your voice with Brian’s helpful YouTube tips on how to increase your views, grow your channel and community. He likes to dig deep into what makes a channel grow. He’s on top five list of educators. As Brian likes to say, stake your claim and discover innovative video marketing strategies. 

Cathrin Manning AKA Content Bug: Cathrin has a fast-growing channel about all things YouTube, running a business, and creating a life that you love. She publishes new videos every Tuesday and Friday.

Creator Academy: This is a series of lessons and courses from YouTube to help you become a better YouTuber. It is work your time to review and go through the program to gain insight YouTube feels is important for success on their platform.

Creator Fundamentals  Dan Currier shares YouTube Tips, Tricks and Strategies. He likes to tell it like it is and share strategies to help you break through your YouTube blocks. – Here is a podcast I did with Dan Currier.

Creator Insider: Get it direct from YouTube. YouTube employee Tom and other YouTube team members share updates, insight, behind the scenes and interviews with other YouTube employees working on product features. It’s about as close as you can get to YouTube inside information.

Daniel Batal: The video editing platform Filmora is his channels bread and butter. Yet, Daniel also passionately spends time to support creators to help them grow their YouTube channels. You can also find him as part of the Live Tubebuddy creator support team.

Derral Eves: He is a powerhouse in the YouTube growth field. Derral has multiple high-value channels and gold play buttons. He has the experience, knowledge, and resources to pulls excellent helpful data to share with his YouTube community. He is one of the best when it comes to analytics and insight as to how YouTube works on a technical level. Derral is also the host of the powerful Vidsummit conference.

Dusty Porter: Dusty has a successful technology tutorial channel, which includes YouTube education. However, where you are going to receive the most education from Dusty is on his Podcasts. His main podcast is The Creators Hub Podcast and tips from the TubeBuddy Express podcast, both sponsored by the YouTube tool TubeBuddy.

GallagurHe shares his straightforward journey and the discoveries to he uses to grow his YouTube channel. His tutorials are detailed with screen shares and examples.

Jade Darmawangsa: She is an energetic social media star. She has grown up online sharing content since she was a kid. Much of her channel is about Instagram, however, she shares good YouTube tips and tricks with her community.

Jeremy Vest: Thumbnails are very important for YouTube success. Jeremy Vest has deep experience working with brands to grow their YouTube channels. He shares tips on how to improve your thumbnails on his channel. He is also the organizer of the video marketing world conference. 

Jessica Stansberry: Jessica shares tips for entrepreneurs to grow their business using various online tools. She is most well known for her videos about Trello. Jessica also shares a lot of information about using video and growing a YouTube channel.

Morning Fame: This is another cool tool to consider to help grow your channel. I use this tool, among others, for keyword research. Nico Kamenzky and Brian G. Johnson team up to give you insight and information about how to use this tool and grow your channel. Here is the podcast I did with Nico.

Nick Nimmin: Nick hails from Thailand and shares great insight on various topics related to growing your YouTube channel. He collaborates with other YouTubers such as his brother Dee, Brian G. Johnson and Owen Hemsath. Nick also has helpful YouTube tools available under his Tubber Tools brand.

Owen Video: Owen Hemsath focuses on Live video, video for business as it relates to YouTube and Facebook.  I enjoy his regular question and answer sessions. I also appreciate the tools he shares to help you grow your audience. Some of his tips are the most powerful ideas I’ve used in the growth of my channels. Like many on this list, Owen offers his services as a consultant.

Roberto Blake: Roberto is a creative, like many of the people who subscribe to my blogs. This fact alone gives Roberto my attention. He is blunt and straightforward when it comes to his YouTube recommendations. He continues to grow and evolve to help creatives and small business owners with business, life and building a YouTube channel.

Salma Jafri:   She educates entrepreneurs with a video first strategy. Salma share tips and tricks to improve your videos and grow a YouTube strategy.

Sunny Lenarduzzi:  Sunny shares YouTube and marketing tips every week to help you grow your channel. Her theme is be your own boss.

Think Media   Sean Cannell has a large channel about the best tips and tools for online video. His YouTube channel offers weekly tech, video gear, lighting, and audio gear reviews and tutorials

Tips With Trena: Trena Little helps creative entrepreneurs learn how grow their business on YouTube to grow their business. She shares tips and tricks to use video effectively.

TubeBuddyTubeBuddy is a helpful tool to optimize your YouTube channel and find niches for your content. They also have a helpful YouTube channel with pro YouTubers, including some on this list to give you more insight on how to grow your channel

Vanessa Lau: She is an Online Business Coach for Millennials. Her goal is to help creators build a powerful and profitable personal brand online. Her main social media focus is on YouTube and Instagram tips.

Video Creators: Tim Schmoyer is a veteran YouTuber with over 400,000 subscribers. He shares great insight on how to grow your YouTube channel. His series on how they got to a million subs is a valuable insight into how the successful YouTubers do it. He also has a helpful Video Creators Podcast full of good information. Tim regularly offers valuable live question and answer sessions, so keep an eye out.

Video Influencers:  Benji Travis and Sean Cannell share insights on how they have grown their YouTube channels. They also upload helpful interview posts with other successful YouTubers. These insights can really be powerful for your YouTube channel growth.

VidIQ : This is another helpful tool and YouTube channel to help grow your YouTube channel. Each tool has its own secret sauce and insight. This is certainly one of the tools you should at least sign up for the free version.

YouTube Help YouTube also has a video help section for those looking for information directly from the source.

If there is a YouTuber you feel is adding value to the YouTube community place their link in the comments(if it gets marked as spam, I’ll approve it). I’ll add the best channels to the list.

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