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(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

Find Amazing YouTube Ideas

One of the hardest things thing to do for your YouTube channel is come up with new video ideas. With over a 1000 uploaded videos, I’ve certainly had my moments when I wasn’t sure what to create next. 

It’s a good idea to keep a running list of ideas available to review ahead of time. You can store your list in .doc form on your desktop, use Google sheets in the cloud, Trello, or Evernote. Try to come up with a few new ideas each day to add to your list. 

You may not create videos around all of your ideas. In some cases you will create multiple or a series videos from one idea. I’ve even trashed old lists to start fresh. 

The following is a list of starter ideas to get you going. Some are topic ideas, while others offer inspiration or tools to find new ideas. Not all of the following ideas fit your channel, however, you can certainly translate many of them into relevant video ideas. If you have some helpful thoughts to share, place them in the comments. 

  1. What Is Your Channel About? Sometimes its good to share an intro about your channel, update the channel trailer and update your community of any changes
  2. Explain your core values: Similar to what is your channel about, this video dives deeper into what you believe, what is true north for your channel, what is your cause and where are you taking the channel.
  3. Vlog: Vlogs have become more common. However, if you are not a vlogging channel, consider sharing a vlog or two to connect with your community. Show them behind the scenes. 
  4. Share your opinion: What do you think about the latest technology, news reports and announcements related to your YouTube channel.
  5. Review: What are your thoughts about a movie, book or new gadget?
  6. Latest Advances: What are the latest advances in technology related to your channel or community. Is there something coming down the road your subscribers care about?
  7. Test Technology: Try a new piece of software and take your audience along for the ride.
  8. Google trends: What is trending on Google. Maybe it’s not a thing on YouTube yet, be the first to share the information.
  9. YouTube Trends: What is trending on YouTube. Maybe you can make a related video which is suggested after the trending video.
  10. Create a set-up guide: How do you set up a product your community finds valuable.
  11. Podcast: Record your a podcast with video and share it with your community. It’s a more informal video, however, it can generate a lot of watch time for your channel. 
  12. Share History: What is the history of something related to your channel.
  13. Google News: Check on Google news and what if there are any ideas you can spin into a video.
  14. Reaction video: Do a video reacting to something. Search for other YouTube videos, songs, clips or movies that you can react to with your immediate observations.
  15. Rumors: What are the latest rumors in your industry. What tech is said to come out soon? Is She dating him?
  16. Deconstruct: Take something apart, check out with is inside. What happens if you chop it in half?
  17. Myth Bust: Bust common myths related to your industry or channel topic. I’m sure there are many.
  18. What is the weather like?: People like to talk about the weather. Is there a weather event happening or is it just an awesome sunny day?
  19. Talk about your habits: Do you have annoying habits you’re trying to quit? Maybe your audience can relate to you with bad habits you generally don’t talk about.
  20. Time management: How do you do everything you do? You may juggle to get everything done, explain your process. Do you use any tools or applications?
  21. My favorite App!: Explain your favorite app and why you like it.
  22. Biography: Create a biography video. What was your childhood like? what was your first job, if you are still young talk about your life living where you do.
  23. Music: What is your favorite music and why do you listen to the bands or musician you do?
  24. What apps?: What apps did you use on your phone today and why.
  25. Comment Q&A: Look at your comments and answer questions your community is asking.
  26. Spy Q&A: Look at the comments of similar channels and answer the questions people what to know.
  27. What is your favorite sports team: Share why certain teams are you favorites, how often you go to games and who are your favorite players. 
  28. Skit: Create a comedy skit related to the topics of your channel.
  29. Interview: Use Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom to interview people in your industry or people you admire.
  30. Collection: Show off your collection off… People like to see what other people have in their collections. Share your favorites and why you collect.
  31. Sing: Do you have singing talent (I don’t). Sing a song your community will appreciate.
  32. Parody: Do a parody of a movie, TV show or another YouTube channel. 
  33. Authors: Who are your favorite authors, why do you like them and what are your favorite works?
  34. YouTubers: Which YouTubers do you watch? Why do you like them and how long have you watched them?
  35. Magic: Do you do any magic tricks? Share your favorite trick as a video are as part of your videos. 
  36. Ask Questions: As a question of your audience at the end of one video and answer it in the next. 
  37. Collaborate: Ask people on one YouTube channel to collaborate with your channel. You can record in person or share video files. 
  38. Shout out: Create a video shooting out all of your top followers and why you think they are awesome. 
  39. Life Skills: Share a few life skills you’ve learned along the way. 
  40. Make A Tutorial: What do you have skills which you can teach? Software, crafts or automotive. You know something other people searching to know. 
  41. Science: Explain scientific theories or research.
  42. Expertise History: How did you learn what you know. How did you become an expert in your field? 
  43. Last book: What is the last book you read? Was it good and do you recommend it to others?
  44. What is your hobby: You may have a hobby which does not relate to the channel, yet, your viewers may find it interesting as fans.
  45. Friends: Who are your friends, share experiences or interview them.
  46. Where Do You Live?: Give a video tour of your hometown. What are it’s landmarks and for what is your city, town, village or location best known.
  47. Game Play: Show off your skills playing your favorite games. 
  48. Bloopers: Create a video of your best fumbles and mistakes caught on camera.
  49. Advanced: Create an advanced video your community will find valuable. 
  50. Cook: Cook your favorite recipe. 
  51. Thank you: Create a thank you video for your community, mentors or the people who have inspired you.

This is a growing list. So whenever you need inspiration come back to see what is new. If you have some awesome ideas to add to the list which can help other YouTubers, place your thoughts in the comments. 

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